Zeitgeist is a webcomic by Mike Podgor utilizing characters created by himself, Ethan Crane, Jeffrey Holloway, and a variety of other sources. It focused on the alien Subject M and his attempts to find a place in that universe.

History and Characters Edit

List of minor Zeitgeist characters and cameos

Era One Edit

Characters Edit

Mykor - A green everyman with a creative writing degree and no way to use it. He vanished after several strips.

Andre the Anarchist - An anarchist who hired Mykor to do odd jobs.

Era Two: Subject M Edit

During this era, Subject M's main goal was to find a steady source of income and a job. This was sort of fulfilled by Andre. There were also cameos by Perverto and Milty.


Subject M - A small green alien from the Abnormasphere. He interacts both positively and negatively with a variety of characters. He obtained two pets: Frednando the Charmander and Terry Douglas the turtle.

Andre the Anarchist - He returns from the initial run of the strip to hire Subject M as a lackey.

Quazm - Another alien from Subject M's planet and universe who followed him to the Zeitosphere to capitalize off his endeavors.

Hieronymus - The fifth Ninja Turtle. Subject M ran afoul of him and now the turtle holds a grudge.

Era Three: Brachiosaur Incorporated Edit

This era was marked by Subject M's employment by Brachiosaur Incorporated and the resulting political trickery that occured. The above characters (except for Mykor) returned and these characters were added:

Brachiosaur B. Brachiosaur - The world's wealthiest dinosaur. He obtained his wealth through copyrighting all dinosaur merchandise and his company was a nebulous conglomerate. He attempted a run at the presidency, but lost to Andre.

Wyandotte Thompson - Brachiosaur's put-upon assistant who was in a perpetually sour mood.

Degenerate - A protoplasmic scientist who was once a man and attempted to help ruin Brachiosaur's presidential run.