El Presidente and Baron von Stricknine

The Infarious Eleven is a super-villain group hailing from the Danger-verse. There are notably more than fourteen members. It has fifteen members, none of which are particularly villainous. They were all summoned by the Stupid to act as menial labor.

El PresidenteEdit

El Presidente is the leader of the Infarious Eleven and is responsible for the team being founded and the code-names of its members. He is terrible at being evil, leading, and assigning proper code-names and he refuses to allow its members to change their code-names. 

El Presidente suffers from a very short attention span, coupled with a desire for people to praise him. He also hates his parents.

The other membersEdit

There are fourteen members of the Infarious Eleven, only a few of which have been named:

Baron von Stricknine - A young man with a keen academic interest in poisons. He harbors a fantasy of poisoning El Presidente, and due to this, was chosen by the Stupid to go up against Player One.

Smoke Signal - A young man who is 1/14th Cherokee. He is forced to carry a Native American headdress and tomahawk by El Presidente.

Winchester Bill - A young man whose father owns guns. He is forced to carry an empty BB gun by El Presidente. Winchester Bill's real name is Henry.