The Embodiments, along with their heralds.

The Embodiments are the driving forces behind the universe given somewhat physical shape. There are three greater Embodiments (always with a capital E) and many lesser embodiments. 

Greater EmbodimentsEdit

The Embodiment of Good - Also known as Prime, or as he would like it, Optimism Prime. He can be overly cautious and can be characterized as somewhat of a killjoy.

The Embodiment of Evil - Better known as the Stupid. He is possessed of an easy-going malevolence that usually manifests itself as base mischief and trickery but can get out of hand.

The Embodiment of Neutrality - Better known as Deity Guy. He is naive and capricous, and also very bored and short-sighted. 

Lesser embodimentsEdit

The embodiment of Death - He likes to be called Azrael, and he is both death personified and a stickler for useless paperwork and policies.

The embodiment of Potentiality - He can see into all the universes across the Fictosphere and is not shy about this fact, sometimes aggressively so.

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