Subject M is a webcomic by Mike Podgor utilizing characters created by himself, Ethan Crane, and Jeffrey Holloway. It focuses on the mundane adventures of Subject M and his friends, and is a sequel to Area 42 and Zeitgeist.

Characters Edit

List of minor characters in Subject M

Main Characters

Subject M - An alien attempting to sate his thirst for geeky pursuits after his adventures across the Fictosphere.

Perverto - A voyeuristic robot.

Baco - A demon originally sent to help kill Subject M and his friends but has since become their ally.

Taniko - A young woman who was originally part of a cult dedicated to Subject M's character from the show Mac and Roni. She chose the name Taniko after acceptance into the group.

History Edit

The strip began when Subject M was returned to the Abnormasphere by Perverto after a brief stay in the Astoundosphere. The pair returned to Subject M's apartment, only to find it had been taken over by Baco. After begrudgingly accepting him into the fold, Subject M burned the building down which led to an encounter with several religious extremist groups and a battle with an eldritch entity that was won when Subject M once again burned down the building.

After a brief encounter with another being called the Gooseler, the group accepted a girl into the group. She decided she wanted to be called Taniko. After six months of unseen adventures, the quartet moved into a new custom-built home and have been acclimating themselves to this new status quo.