NaNo Catch-Up

Subject M working on a novel.

Subject M is an alien from the planet Abroconia. He is a resident of Universe 42: The Area/Pax Conjoinment.



Subject M was born on Abroconia and commonly referred to as E'Peck or simply Peck, which is a slur on that planet. When he was eight Earth years old, he was loaded into the Verdant Orb and hurled through space towards Earth by a quantum trebuchet.


During this voyage, he was taught all about Earth through its pop culture, gaining a special appreciation for what is widely considered to be geek culture, though there are many gaps in M's knowledge. Each day's lesson would conclude with M being knocked out, until the fateful day that the pod malfunctioned and allowed him to wander freely about the small ship. It was at this point that he found out that he would reach Earth after receiving a seven names and a new hat. The destruction of the pod also allowed for the creation of a miniature version of the ship's AI systems, which called itself AICO.

M has refused to share any adventures past this at this point and time, but at one point, the Orb turned on him and he lost AICO and a second companion.

Area 42Edit

M eventually made his way to Earth, having gained his hat and the seven names, dubbing himself Mortley Peck but usually going by M. He was claimed by C.R.E.W. and set up in an apartment with a young paranormal investigator named Charleston Charge and a robot named Perverto. Since that point, they have unsuccessfully participated in many parties and lost two homes. He may also be the Emperor of the Galaxy, though he refuses to acknowledge this.

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