Player One

Player One and his entry into the video game tournament.

Player One is a Pax Custodes , and the leader of a group known as the Players. He has a zealous hatred of the supernatural that is matched only be his love of video games.

Area 42Edit

Player One's past is currently unknown, though at some point he became a Pax Custodes and joined up with the other three Players. Eventually, he found himself in Riverwood, OH where he inadvertently saved Subject M from a demon. He later participated in a Halloween video game tournament, going up against M in the final round. He lost, barely, but was distracted from this fact by a demonic incursion. After successfully repelling it, he allowed M to live.

Fenomenal Fictosphere FracasEdit

Player One and his team were summoned by Prime, at which point Player One went into a frenzy due to the presence of the Stupid and attempted to shoot the Embodiment of Evil. Player Four said that he would calm down if he was able to beat on something, and Baron von Stricknine was offered up.

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