Perverto is triumphant.

Perverto is a robot, and a character in Area 42 .


Perverto just kind of showed up in Charleston Charge and Subject M's apartment and started hanging out with them, occasionally wandering off to try to partake in some nudity. During one of these outings, he espied the demon Lyssa and opted to get M out of her grasp since he was blocking Perverto's view. Lyssa then tore off Perverto's arm, leading to a lengthy disappearance that ended when Perverto returned as randomly as he left and got some revenge.

After this, he returned to his ways of trying to view nudity and generally doing whatever he wanted. While he was labeled as dangerous by C.R.E.W., he didn't really care. He was later placed into a reality show setting with several other characters, where he continually tried to see one of them naked.

Recently, Perverto helped Charleston and M escape the reality show and, according to alt-text, he is washing dishes while starting at a calendar featuring naked women. Perverto may also have ties to Doctor Derangemo .

Future PervertoEdit

A second Perverto, claiming to be from the future, has appeared twice. The first time he was ignored, and the second time he gave his past self a warning about a fake science fiction convention and the reality show in general. Future Perverto also really likes The Truman Show, for some reason.

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