Many Super Adventure! MATSU HER-O GO! is the addled fan-fiction of a young man going through a turbulent time in his life. 

Many Super AdventureEdit

Matsu Her-O is given amazing powers by a being he considers to be God, and uses them to have adventures throughout the Fictosphere. With the aid of his ship, the Armageddon Zebra, he is able to travel to any plane of the Fictosphere and meet characters from throughout fiction.

All of the Many Super Advetures are considered Fictosphere canon, though they are obviously not really the canon of their respective properties.


Matsu Her-O - Matsu Her-O has almost limitless power and a strong desire to enact what he considers to be justice. This usually amounts to violence. He is driven to save his beloved, Bridgette, from the clutches of an unseen adversary.

Bridgette - Matsu's beloved. Currently held captive. A computerized version of Bridgette is also the CPU for Matsu's ship.

Armageddon Zebra - Matsu's ship. Able to traverse the planes of the Fictosphere. Immensely large on the inside, and comes complete with the Mechsuit Gladius.

Ethan Crane - A vampire Matsu picks up from a dying universe.


??? - Matsu's main adversary. Currently both unknown and unseen.

Sailor Moon - The adversary's general. 

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