Welcome to the Fictosphere WikiEdit

Like the Fictosphere? Love the Fictosphere? Want to know what the hell the Fictosphere is, and for that matter, why you should care at all about what you're sure will prove to be a ridiculous concept? Well you're in the right place, sir and/or madam! Though, to be honest, that last bit about the Fictosphere being a ridiculous concept was somewhat hurtful...don't knock it until you've tried it. Then, feel more than free!

What is the Fictosphere?Edit

In that thing they call "real life", the term Fictosphere refers to a fictional shared multiverse in which dwell characters created by author Michael Podgor (of "The Mental Emissions of Mike Podgor"), writer Randall Malus (of the forthcoming "Malus's Musings on Mischief and Mayhem"), mutual high school friend J.G. Jerk, and the late superstar pulp storyteller Dirk Manly--among those belonging to other various writers and artists we've met along the way.

In our greater fictional setting, the term refers to that space in which all universes, parallel timelines, alternate dimensions, and the like are contained--the quantum mechanical "bubble that contains all smaller bubbles".

For the purposes of this wiki, only the works related to the creators named above will be prominently featured (with acknowledgement granted and information linked to others where/when warranted).

Latest activityEdit

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