The Stub prepares to jump as Doctor Derangemo and the Embodiments look on.

Doctor Derangemo could be termed as a "mad scientist" who is brilliant at building robots, for a given value of brilliant. He hails from Universe 42: The Area/Pax Conjoinment.



Little is currently known about Doctor Derangemo, save that he uses grant money to build bizarre robots. 


Doctor Derangemo was first referred to in the Fracas when Deity Guy sees him and claims him as his champion, and he was brought in with the Stub and watched helplessly and apathetically as his creation ran to the top of a building and leapt to his destruction. Doctor Derangemo went about picking up the pieces, intending to sell them as scrap, until he was told that the Stub would later be needed. He conceded and demanded that his assistant be brought in, at which point they were told they were not allowed to leave.

Confirmed Companions and Hangers-OnEdit


Gerald is Doctor Derangemo's assistant. Little is currently known about him, save that Doctor Derangemo tends to foist unfavorable tasks upon him.

The StubEdit

The Stub ended up as a participant in the Fracas, and his event involved successfully leaping off a tower. He succeeded, after a heart-to-heart with his opponent, Mister Pants, and fell to his destruction. He is currently being rebuilt by Gerald for later participation.

Tampon-Bot Edit

A giant robot that appears to be made of metallic tampons. He was brought to the Fracas along with Gerald.

Probable Creations and ExperimentsEdit


A perverted robot who showed up in Subject M and Charleston Charge's apartment.



Ass-Bot, obviously.

A robot who looks like a butt. He was seen during a battle at a video game tournament, causing the fighting to momentarily stop and gaining a follower.