Applekat and J Mike prepare to do battle.

Danger Force are the heroes of the Danger-verse. 


Danger Force obtain their super-powers from drinking, and they are the ultimate heroes of their universe. Ladies love them, and men want to be them.

J MikeEdit

J Mike has no patience for your geekery, and hates it when there's ice in his signature drink, the Rum and Coke. He has a vicous right hook.


J-Jeff has super arguing abilities, and his signature drink is Sangria. He hates Holocaust deniers.


T-Bone is a ladies' man, and the more he drinks, the more ladies want him. He prefers Russian Imperial Stout, and is rarely seen without a lady.


R-Man has super charisma. He prefers Merlot.


E-Machine prefers absinthe, and is able to tell if a girl is underage just by looking at them. He is also super-psychotic and excessively violent.


Chops is a mute giant of a man, and he prefers whiskey. He has the ability to charge at anyone, or anything, and hit the mark.


C-Bass has an almost hypnotic voice, and an unlimited amount of things to talk about. He prefers Scotch.

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