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Area 42 is a comic that is currently running. It began in May of 2013 and has accumulated over a hundred comics, not including guest strips and fan art. It largely concerns the adventures of Charleston Charge and Subject M as they face off against boredom, various threats, and facets of pop culture. It takes place in the fictional Riverwood, OH.

Major CharactersEdit

Charleston ChargeEdit

Charleston Charge is an aspiring paranormal investigator and is currently in his late teens.

Subject MEdit

Subject M is an alien who enjoys science fiction and various other bits of pop culture, and is currently in his late twenties.


Perverto is a perverted robot.

Reoccuring CharactersEdit

Edolie DePrit is an agent of C.R.E.W. and is responsible for Charleston and M meeting. She was recently stripped of her rank of major after Charleston and M disappeared.

Elvin Clovar takes his obsessions ot the next level, and will argue his point to anyone. He is an arrogant young man who viewed Charleston as his nemesis, but he currently thinks Charleston is dead.

Imogene Marshall was a good friend of Charleston and was the object of Elvin's unwanted affections. She currently thinks Charleston is dead.

Player One is a member of the Pax Custodes , a group dedicated to eradicating the supernatural. He does not like M, but is willing to let him live as long as he doesn't make any trouble. He has some associates .

J and Nico were an alien/robot duo who initially captured Subject M and Charleston for unknown reasons, and then became their allies and roommates as part of a reality show.


Michael Smith isn't really a villain, though he did hold Charleston and Imogene hostage and try to wipe their minds. Later, he became Charleston's teacher.

Ezekiel and Larry are two men of unknown origin who have a beef with Edolie DePrit and are trying to get to her through Subject M and Charleston, though they have recently upped their efforts.

Elliot is a wizard with a demonic familiar. He wants Subject M for some unknown reason, though he has recently started causing generalized havoc with Ezekiel's team. Lyssa is his demonic familiar, who went after M on Elliot's behalf and tore off Perverto's arm.

Monty Larson help M captive for some time, but brought him to the Halloween video game tournament in order to make some money. Monty was almost killed in the following demon battle, but was saved and recruited by Ezekiel. He used to be accompanied by a man named Baggy Johnson, but Baggy abandoned him for a walking robotic butt.

The Verdant Orb was Subject M's ship until it became evil. Recently, he met it again and it tried to kill him.

Minor CharactersEdit

Tom Connell ran Razzmatazz Comics, and later the Razzmatazz Cafe, after his brother was imprisoned. He was last seen leaving his store, which had been destroyed by demons.

J.J. Johnson and Ollie Parsons owned the building where Subject M and Charleston lived. They have not been seen since its destruction.

Gary MacDonald, Mark Marshall, and Mark Davis formed a tabletop RPG group which counted Elvin Clovar and Subject M among its members. They also participated in the video game tournament and the fight that followed.

Jeanette was a girl who Charleston became friends with during a period where he was trying to be normal. He hasn't seen her since Halloween.

Parker Matthews is a xenobiologist who was part of the reality show as well.

Tyfanni was one of the reality show roommates.

Director Jack Shefford was the head of Area 42 and the mastermind behind the reality show.

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